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Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts of the USA is nationally known as an organization that strives to meet the needs of every girl in a girl-centric and girl-driven environment. The Girl Scouts inspires girls to find courage, explore new adventures, express confidence in their uniqueness, develop the strength of character to stand by their values, and create lifelong connections to peers and mentors. The annual Girl Scout Cookie sale is not only a fundraiser to support the nonprofit organization, but an opportunity for Girl Scouts across the country to learn about conducting business and sales. Since Chepri® developed the Girl Scouts Cookie Finder app, it has helped increase sales of Girl Scout Cookies at cookie booths nationwide.

Girl Scouts and the Girl Scouts Cookie Finder App
Layered image showing the Girl Scouts Cookie Finder App in development

Project Scope

The goal of the Girl Scouts Cookie Finder project was to replicate the initial iOS app version features for the first release of an Android app, capable of allowing users to see when cookie season begins, and where to find cookies for sale in their area.

  • Build an Android version of the Cookie Finder app for the 2012 season.
  • Create optimal viewing and interactive mobile experience using provided designs
  • Functionality based upon ease of use by entering zip code, using GPS to locate booths
  • App features listing of every cookie available from each Girl Scout bakers across the U.S. and Puerto Rico
  • Learn when local Girl Scouts council cookie sale begins


Through custom UI/UX design and Java programming, Chepri® developed the full-featured Girl Scouts Cookie Finder mobile application to help users locate the product as well as provide access to Girl Scout organizational information.

Girl Scout Cookie Finder App screenshots


Our Android Cookie Finder application was so successful the Girl Scouts asked Chepri® to further develop both Android and iOS versions of the app, increasing overall sales.

  • usersImproved engagement, participation, and revenue
  • increased salesIncreased sales by 11 percent in 2012
  • improve and expand developmentHad Chepri® develop expanded version of the app in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Chepri Icon on Girl Scouts Case Study

The most comprehensive data available: The Girl Scouts Cookie Finder app contains cookie sale data from all bakers around the country, including the start and end of local cookie seasons to specific locations of sales. Start with the app, and get your cookies now!

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