• Attentive Phone: Smart Features Every Phone Should Have

    My recent use of HTC’s Attentive Phone, software that smartly leverages a phone’s internal sensors to silence the ringer or enable the speaker phone when flipping the phone over, has me wondering: Isn’t it time for all smartphones to become more intelligent?

  • Windows Phone 7 Arrives on CDMA With Sprint

    Sprint’s first Windows Phone 7 device arrives in the form of the HTC Arrive on March 20. The device could appeal to CDMA customers who want in on Microsoft’s new platform while offering the convenience of a full hardware keyboard to complement the 3.6-inch touchscreen.

  • HTC Moves 24.6M Handsets, But Can it Keep Growing?

    HTC has again grown sales and profits to record numbers, moving 24.6 million handsets in 2010. Clearly the company has transitioned successfully from its Windows Mobile roots over to Android, but can it transition sales by region? Europe and North America account for 83% of sales.