Great mobile app design is deeper than just how it looks. It’s a plan. It’s how it works. Our software designers and developers collaborate to push the boundaries of what’s possible in what we create. We build functional, user-friendly, intuitive apps that are equally pleasing to look at as they are to use.

Our mobile app design approach

Software interfaces should be easy to understand, provide longterm value and an enjoyable user-experience. At Chepri®, we begin by considering a project’s goals in context of the big picture – your users and the tools they use on a daily basis. Then, we imagine what a product would look like if there were no constraints. What would the ultimate version of your product look like? From there, we select the top ideas, determine what is practical given the current vision and timeline, and iterate until we arrive at the best possible product, giving you and your users the best possible experience. We Focus on 4 Main Aspects of Mobile App Design:

  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • User Research and Testing

What is the difference between a good designer and a great one?

The simple answer is depth: a good designer can make things look pretty on the surface, but designs will lack depth. They can design nice screens, but they don’t think about the complete user journey or the flow between points in the journey and all the micro-interactions that happen along the way. A great designer thinks about the big things as much as the little things, from the view of the customer, the technology and the business.

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