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The Agile Process

Iterative and incremental development defines projects using the Agile methodology. Your project can go from conception to version 1.0 in just a few weeks and receive upgrades to both functionality and appearance throughout its life. When your users expect continual improvement, Agile provides it and you’ll be with us every step of the way.

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Chepri® uses a state-of-the-art online project management suite to track the progress of tasks, bugs, events, milestones, and resources. All of our clients become part of our project team, allowing for full-scale discussion with forums and document upload areas.

At Chepri®, we break down our projects into a process that includes 6 main stages:

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To begin the process of creating your mobile application, we first create a vision for your project to develop a solid understanding of what your unique needs, wants, and expectations are. This stage is also marked with creating timelines, checklists, and deadlines for your project. The client input is crucial in this stage, as it sets the tone and vision for the entire project.

During Discovery, you will work with a Sales Engineer to get the necessary requirements gathered, and you will meet with team leaders from both Design and Development, as well.

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In this stage, the input received by you is put into perspective by creating compositions and plans that will foreshadow your end goal. This is done by creating an initial wire-frame structure for the page, building mood boards, and ultimately creating conceptual designs of your project.

During this stage we must gather or create any documents, imagery, logos, media, or other server credentials that we will be using in the creation of your project.

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During the design phase, we mock-up and layout your web or mobile application for your review. This includes user-interface items that allow your users to interact with your web or mobile application, and user experience items that will ultimately bring your customers back to your site or app again and again.

We may work on graphical and branding elements in this phase as well, including your logo, mobile icon or illustrations.

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The development stage is where all of the pieces of the puzzle are put together into a working product. We take what we discovered about your project’s needs and combine that with what you defined and what was designed to create the custom web or mobile application that you envision.

During this stage we will be fine-tuning the experience and implementing best practices for web and mobile apps in order to provide an intuitive interface that keeps your customers engaged.

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This is the stage in which the project is thoroughly examined, including debugging and browser testing to industry best-practice standards. This ensures that the product is of the utmost quality and value to you. Once we have completed this internal testing, you will be able to see the complete finished product. If the product we created passes your standards, we can commence sign off.

This stage marks finalization of the project by both you and us. By this time, we will have found the product to be of the best standards and quality possible. Once the final project has been evaluated and deemed complete by you, we will ask that you sign the work order.

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The product life-cycle at Chepri® Interactive does not just end with the sign-off of the work order. We care about your success and ability to gain the highest level of value from your product, so we stay with you for a 30-day period of time to direct, support and train you on your project in case complications arise.

After the support period expires, our Support Department will work with you to determine the need and breadth of an ongoing Service Agreement. Each agreement is catered to the specific project, to ensure that your support needs are met with minimal cost to you.

Our Process is Flexible.

Shouldn’t our process work for you and not against you? That is why at Chepri® we utilize a variety of process methodologies including:


This traditional process starts through planning of the entire project and ends with a completed product with all features in place.


Many software upgrades and technical support issues only take hours, instead of days, weeks, or months. We’re here to help as long as you need us, even when it isn’t very long.

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