1st Cast Media launched their new law enforcement and news media app in conjunction with a party November 11, 2015.

Jon Compson, the president of 1st Cast Media, came to Chepri with an app idea, and now, after months of development, collaboration, and a few bumps in the road, the app is ready for the world.

The app has the potential to help law enforcement solve crimes faster. It “could help solve crimes in a matter of minutes,” said Compson, who is a Columbus Police Detective. “[The officer] doesn’t have to go back to headquarters to do paperwork and put out a media release via email or PDF,” Compson explained. “He can do all this from the scene in a multi-rich environment.”

The app has multi-tiered applicability. It is a useful tool for law enforcement officers to improve communication within their own departments, and with other neighboring departments as well. Crime knows no borders, so the app can be a useful source of information about crimes and investigations in neighboring jurisdictions.

In addition to being a great new resource for law enforcement, the 1st Cast app is also a win for the news media – the app can be used to send alerts from law enforcement to the local news media, alerting the media sooner about high profile crimes that the public may need to know about.

Currently, the app is only available for law enforcement and news media, for the time being; Compson hopes to release an update in the future that grants access to the general public as well.

The launch party, at The Boat House at Confluence Park, held host to many of those who had a hand in creating the app over the last two years. In addition to Chepri, who developed the 1st Cast app, representatives from Geben Communication, KJK law firm, Spacejunk Media, Alan Rogers Accounting and Level 3 Communications were in attendance.

1st Cast Media launch party