So, you’re starting to think about implementing a rewards program at your restaurant. Or, maybe you’ve already started one, but it’s not working that great and you’re wondering how to make it more successful.

Customers love loyalty & reward integration programs. But you must match you target audience with the right type of rewards, or they are unlikely to take advantage.

So, here are three key steps to ensuring a successful rewards program.

1. Create Systems Around Your Rewards Program

Think about all the hard work that went into ensuring your kitchen staff followed specific processes to create consistency from one dish to the next. Or, the training your server staff had to go through, so they’d know when to say what to guests.

Why should implementing a rewards program be any different? What allows restaurants (and any business, for that matter) to create consistent results every single time is systems.

Some of the most successful company manuals include details on everything from how to replace a roll of toilet paper to when the shades should be lowered on the windows. All this together creates a consistent and dependable experience for the customer.

So, you need systems to ensure your rewards program’s success, even if it’s just to remind your staff to ask to check a customer’s loyalty card at checkout.

2. Get Buy-In From Your Staff & Customers

First and foremost, you need buy-in from your staff. It doesn’t matter whether you think it’s a good idea. If your staff aren’t fully bought in, it’s far less likely that your program will succeed.

Knowledge is power. So, be sure to train your staff. Let them know why the loyalty program is important. Set expectations and let them know what their responsibilities will be.

Second, get buy-in from your customers. Identify what rewards interest them. Find out whether they’d prefer to carry a card in their wallet or use their smartphone to collect points. This is a major consideration these days, because if it’s not convenient for your guests, they are less likely to take advantage.

Communicate your value proposition clearly. Tell your guests what they get when they sign up. Make it easy for them to collect points and claim rewards. All this is easy to say in a few words, but it all plays a significant role in the success of your rewards program.

3. Make It Available Online & Offline

Utilize an app or system that allows your guests to collect points and claim rewards both in-store and online. Online ordering represents a significant revenue source for many restaurants. And, though customers love the convenience of ordering online, rewarding them for their purchases is something that can help take your program to the next level, such as with custom Olo loyalty & rewards integrations.

By the way, according to Access Development, 76 percent of restaurant guests note immediate benefits are more appealing than accumulating points. These and other relevant stats are certainly worth considering as you look to create a rewards programs that’s matched to your customers.

Making your rewards program both online and off may require more time, resources and effort. But it’s worth setting up, as online ordering continues to grow rapidly.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that your rewards program is there for your customers, not for you. For further investigation, check out FishbowlLevelUpOloPaytronixPunchh, and Qu.

Yes, you are using your rewards program to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. But this is impossible to do if you aren’t focusing on adding value to your guests. If you consistently surprise and delight your guests, they’ll want to come back. If they don’t want to come back in the first place, a loyalty program probably won’t make much of a difference.

Focus on customer experience, and the answers will present themselves.

Integrating A Reward Program Into Your Business

If you are interested in implementing a loyalty & reward integration program, Chepri can help you accomplish that goal in the most effective manner possible. We are experts at developing highly engaging and comprehensive apps that encourage customer engagement. Tell us about your goals and we can design an application that will turn the occasional customer into a loyal patron.