Data connectivity utilizing your favorite 3rd party restaurant vendor API.

Your restaurant should be able to mix and match your favorite third-party API or data service to stay competitive. Chepri® can leverage technologies from facial recognition to payment processing to provide a restaurant's digital users with expanded functionality and enhanced features. Therefore, seamless third-party integrations can be key to successfully improving your digital guest experience.


Harness the power of third-party API connectivity

Mash your favorite APIs or data sources into a powerful suite of tools for customers and employees alike to produce innovations that give your restaurant brand a competitive advantage. Then, with full restaurant vendor API integrations, you can offer the greatest customer experience while making life easier for yourself, your managers and the entire team.

Payment Processing

Gather order, e-commerce, and payment data from any credit processor with an API. Just a few of the payment processors API integrations we've worked with include Elavon, Heartland, Paypal, Stripe, and Worldpay.

Ordering and Delivery

Integrate third-party direct ordering, like Olo or Novadine, as well as 3rd party delivery into any customer or employee-facing application.

Devices & IoT

From digital displays to smart kiosks, integrate collective data sets from your favorite hardware.

E-Commerce & POS

From shopping carts to point-of-sale, get data in real-time to any interface.

Produce seamless applications with no friction

From headless CMS and digital asset management to customer data, bring a frictionless experience to your users.

Business Intelligence for Restaurants

Control your own data by storing and collecting data from different sources for business intelligence.

Content & Digital Asset Management

Bridge gaps in third-party APIs by consolidating data from content that you choose.

Mood, Voice & Facial AI

Combine the power of mood, voice & facial recognition with applications to personalize the customer experience for an omni-channel approach across all devices and screens.

Loyalty & Rewards

Import customer data into any application to give your customers what they really want. For instance, our clients use Fishbowl, LevelUp, Paytronix, Punchh, and Thanx to enhance their quality of their guest experience. 

Utilizing new or existing restaurant vendor API integrations is possible with Chepri.

Chepri provides technology services to restaurants who want to connect a third-party datapoint to any interface, display, or device. We also offer custom API development for restaurants looking to establish their own unique, fully integrated software solution.