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Become a Chepri® partner

We can leverage your REST API, build great UX, or even provide data services - anything is possible. Let's talk.

  • Loyalty, Rewards, and Marketing Agencies

    Integrated loyalty, CRM, marketing, content and digital asset management - Chepri® can help integrate a myriad of applications.

  • Online Ordering and E-Commerce

    We can build integrated experiences for online ordering platforms combined with e-commerce/payment processing with PCI compliance to build user-friendly software.

  • POS and Kiosk Hardware Vendors

    Let us take care of the software and custom requirements for your hardware. Don't pass up a customer who has unique needs.

Partner with Chepri®, and give your customers access to custom mobile and web development

Our technologists build custom platforms that are specific to unique customer requirements

We can take any datapoint and integrate it to make mobile apps, websites, back-office portals, mash-ups, online ordering experiences, self-service kiosks, mobile POS systems, business intelligence/data mining apps, and even kitchen display systems that are specific to the customer's brand and operations. Check our current vendor/partner list.

Leverage Custom Software Development

Our partners look to us to provide custom development services, whether it be user-interface enhancements, custom apps, or integrations.

Give Your Clients New Innovations

We can innovate around your data or streams to provide your clients with enhanced user experiences or technologies outside of your wheelhouse.

Focus On What You Do Best

Whether you're a hardware provider or aggregator, Chepri® can help your company with custom development services that keep the client happy.

Do you have customers who are in need of Chepri® services?