Chepri client DraftClash is well on their way to shaping the fantasy sports industry, and the way fans use fantasy sports gaming websites.

What makes DraftClash different from other fantasy sports websites?

DraftClash was expertly designed and developed by a team of Chepri Technologists with a focus on usability, user-experience and user-interface design (UX/UI). Not only is the mobile responsive web-based application fun and easy to use on either web or mobile, but it is just all-around better than the other daily fantasy sites out there.

Apart from its superior framework and usability, the fantasy gaming platform differentiates itself by adding a social twist. With DraftClash, users can add other users as friends, create contests and invite friends to play with them in daily fantasy matches. These features add a unique social media aspect to the games. Creating a team is easy; it only takes a few clicks. If you don’t have time to choose your team, the autodraft function makes joining a breeze. Even creating a contest and inviting your friends is simple and intuitive – just a few clicks and you’re done. It’s fast, easy, simple and fun.

DraftClash initially launched in conjunction with baseball season, allowing fantasy baseball fans to select their fantasy team(s) daily throughout the season. After adding daily fantasy football contests in time for the NFL regular season, the startup is seeing additional continued growth among its user base.

With the addition of fantasy hockey and fantasy basketball – coming this Friday, Oct 21 – it will be the first totally free daily fantasy sports site with all four sports (baseball, football, hockey and basketball).

We are excited to watch how DraftClash is going to further shake things up in the daily fantasy sports world. Stay tuned for even more exciting news to come from DraftClash and Chepri in the coming months…