Congrats, you did it. You worked long and hard to develop and implement an app that reflects your brand and company identity and you brought it to life. But how do you decide when is a good time to update? 

There is no easy answer to when or how often you should be updating, because no two companies or two apps are the same, but let’s take a look at some relevant factors that may help you make your decision.

  • What is the roll of the application within your business model
    • If your app is just to supplement your primary services, perhaps updating frequently is not really necessary. But if the mobile experience is integral to your business model, well, you might need to (read: definitely should) update more frequently.
  • Development structure
    • if you are working within an agile development structure, the idea of delivering continuous and incremental updates should already be baked into your life cycle. Your initial release was probably more simplistic, but you’ve kept up with changes that are relevant and are updating with new content regularly.

Other Reasons to Update:

  • Hardware Changes: things like screen size, changes to camera specs, RAM, or battery life all may affect how your app works on a mobile device. Sure, it might not be immediately obvious to your users, but things like, say, higher screen resolution, might be a good reason to go ahead and update the graphics in your app.
  • Keep out the Bugs: We know you worked really hard, testing your app and making sure it works perfectly, but bugs are a natural and unavoidable part of it’s lifespan. As your app scales, expect the unexpected and make looking for bugs part of your routine. A good way to navigate this is through looking at customer feedback.
  • Less is More…Sometimes: Sure, the impulse can be to keep adding bells and whistles to make sure your app stays relevant, but updates can also mean getting rid of the things that aren’t working.

Take Away:

Update, update, update! Look at your app as a living, breathing organism. You need to be giving it the constant love and attention it needs to grow – or rather – to continue to stay relevant and at it’s best. Also try to look at these updates as an opportunity to connect with your users. Rely on them to inform updates and pivots. There’s always something that can be improved upon, and it doesn’t always need to be a big thing. But, user functionality should always be at the forefront of your mind.