With technological advancements happening faster than most people are even aware, keeping up can be intimidating, but the advantages of updating your workplace technology are boundless.

Updating workplace technology can increase productivity, while increasing employee satisfaction, and making communication easier and more streamlined. In 2014, Dell and Intel surveyed almost 5,000 employees (of small, medium and large businesses in 12 countries) in order to gauge their feelings toward technology and their own employee experience with technology. Surprisingly, the study found that 25% of the employees surveyed reported that they would take a new position, if it provided better technology that enabled them to be more productive. Furthermore, some of the employees expressed that the outdated technology they have to use at work holds them back from getting work done and being productive. A major takeaway from this study that every employer should keep in mind is that technology used at the office will certainly play a key role in workplace productivity and employee happiness. Not only is workplace technology important to overall business, but quality workplace technology can make a difference on levels that go beyond getting the job done. If you haven’t looked into it recently, make sure you are up-to-date with your tech.

On the subject of employees happiness, I know I’m not alone when I say that it is nice to see that you are a leader in your respective field of work and be recognized for it. Employees like to know they are doing and where they stand, and be recognized when they excel. Here at Chepri®, we have several kiosks displays throughout our office that showcase an RSS feed of accomplishments, work events, anniversaries, birthdays and awards. One area of the display that everyone loves is one that shows who’s leading who in what category – top service level, sales, continuing education hours, and other benchmarks. Some companies even go a step further and display all of their social media platforms on the feed. Technology can be used to boost employee morale in endless creative ways; the sky is the limit as to what you can do. If it’s measurable, important to you, or important to your employees, then why not show it?

Another factor to consider when leveraging technology in the workplace is mobility. From conference calls, to video chats, to screen shares and the like, technology has come so far in creating improved communication within organizations, between organizations, on a local, regional, and international level, vastly increasing the speed in which people can work, communicate and get things done. Think of the cost your company saves compared to booking a hotel and a red-eye flight across the country (or world) to meet with a client face-to-face. Now, we have services like Skype, JoinMe, FaceTime and even Facebook video (and others) that allow one instant access to realtime communication, regardless of distance.

There are plenty of advantages of technology in the workplace, and with each passing day, the vast technological landscape continues to expand. How does your company use technology? Are you keeping up with the trends? The expert technologists at Chepri® are ready and willing to help you take your company’s workplace technology to the next level and help grow your business. The options are practically limitless. We are the experts, and we’re ready to take you there.