1st Cast Media

The Client

1st Cast Media LLC is a startup formed by experienced police officers with the goal of bringing the law enforcement industry into the modern area of technology with mobile solutions. 1st Cast L.E. is the initial flagship product designed for law enforcement agents to receive and send out accurate and urgent crime alerts in real time.

Before the advent of 1st Cast L.E., officers did not have an avenue to speed up the documentation and paperwork process involved with crime scene reporting. The 1st Cast L.E. app is a web and mobile solution that not only exemplifies how we work with and help our clients, but is a further manifestation of how technology improves our lives.


The goal of this project was to build and continually update the technologies and architectures driving the 1st Cast L.E. web and mobile app.

Layers of building Piada a website


  • Allowing multiple organizations to operate in the same system
  • Rules-based notifications and content delivery
  • Access control lists and user permissions
  • Alert publishing workflows


Chepri® planned, designed, and developed a system architecture that would allow for the appropriate access to be available to 1st Cast LE’s users where they need it. By creating a highly extensible framework consisting of web and mobile technologies, 1st Cast can continue to grow and scale their product at a rapid pace.


Through the development of the 1st Cast L.E. web and mobile application, Chepri was able to develop a product that would allow for real-time connectivity and alerts within law enforcement and police departments, with neighboring departments, and when appropriate, with local media

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