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Buffalo Wings & Rings

Digital Evolution & Innovation

With more than 80 units presently and still expanding, the sports-themed restaurant franchise Buffalo Wings & Rings (BWR) has perfected their menu and the special ingredients that go into making fresh wings, specialty burgers, salads & sides.

With positive growth, BWR structured its roadmap to include technologies that further franchise development and increase customer acquisition and retention. To this end, BWR sought out ChepriĀ® as a partner to achieve multiple digital objectives.

The BWR mandate was to build a web app with integrated direct ordering leveraging Olo, construct a tableside app to be used in-store leveraging ITWercs, and integrate the Punchh mobile app for loyalty & rewards, coupons & promotions management.


Web (Responsive)
Mobile Web
iOS Mobile App
Android Mobile App


UI/UX Development
Application Support


Integrated Direct Ordering
Loyalty & Rewards
Gift Cards
Promotions Management
Tableside Ordering

The New BWR Ordering Flow

The BWR web direct ordering experience fully integrates Olo, leveraging Heartland for gift cards. The app flow is configured to clearly present the complex menu with easy selection and modification, guided by engaging category, product, and ingredient imagery.

Developed For Mobile Devices

Although the Buffalo Wings and Rings apps are responsive for all digital devices, we built the BWR web and tableside apps to shine on mobile for easy convenience and contactless security.

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Game-Changing Tableside App

To fully accommodate BWR requirements, Chepri formulated a partnership with ITWercs, who was capable of providing specialized functionality for the BWR in-store mobile tableside app such as dynamic pricing and extensive product menu modification.

Adding Tableside Ordering To Build A Powerful Digital Tech Stack

Bringing guests back to the traditional in-store dining experience requires contactless client-facing solutions. As a standout brand, it is important to emphasize how the Buffalo Wings and Rings (BWR) tableside app is an innovation propelling BWR ahead in the restaurant marketplace.

With a smartphone, BWR customers can use the tableside app without having to physically hold menus, interact with servers, touch pens & receipts, or pass credit cards back and forth. BWR guests simply scan a QR Code at their table to access the tableside app, which is used to order, pay, use coupons, reorder in-store, get to-go, curbside pickup, etc., all from the comfort and safety of their table.

The BWR tableside app functions exactly like a traditional ordering app, integrating all third-party providers to provide a seamless experience. Orders come into the POS paid for, and sent to the kitchen display system for preparation. When ordering, the guest scans the QR Code which assigns a table number or location in-store. The completed order is brought to the customer.

Chepri built out the BWR tableside app with menu flows that accommodate product modifier selections, making the ordering experience quick and easy. Alcoholic drinks can be ordered using the BWR tableside app. Guests receive a pop-up notification to have their ID ready for servers. The "call server" functionality brings restaurant staff to the guest with a click of a button.

BWR can change special menu items hourly or daily, and update pricing from happy hour to dinner service. The app remembers past orders, credit card information, coupon application, and loyalty points for redemption, helping to facilitate reordering for BWR guests.

In addition to the enhanced direct ordering web app, BWR had Chepri build out their mobile tableside app because they understood there is a vast customer base waiting to be tapped for in-store dining. By doing so, BWR is now positioned to bring customers back into the restaurant to increase operational revenue. 

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