Modern Market Eatery

Website, Online Ordering UI/UX with Loyalty Integration

With quality food crafted around community, Modern Market Eatery® is a business committed to providing the best cuisine and the best experience for their customers. So they turned to Chepri®.


Mobile-first website.

Enhanced online ordering.

LevelUp loyalty integration.

Improving customer experience

Modern Market Eatery: Good Food. Great Taste.

Modern Market is known for their high quality menu items that are made from scratch, and for the craft that goes into every dish served to their customers.

The Website.

When choosing a partner to build their website, Modern Market Eatery came to Chepri. It was important to enhance the customer experience without losing what made Modern Market unique to their guests. Chepri Technologists were able to build a customized website to consolidate all customer touch points while still improving the online ordering experience.


Our Technologists used a mobile-first website design while incorporating a custom content management system that allowed for integrated digital asset management. This was done specifically for Olo products and coupled with LevelUp integration. Guests now have a user-friendly way to order while also being able to redeem loyalty points.

Maximized ROI

The custom online ordering technology developed by Chepri resulted in a unified omnichannel customer experience. The website and ordering platform used by Modern Market customers now allows for faster ordering and an improved user experience, helping to maximize the company's ROI.


We can help your restaurant upgrade digital technology in order to maximize ROI, and to create a better customer experience.

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