Piada Italian Street Food

Working with Piada®, Chepri® was able to increase online orders by 5X and achieve overall usability goals.

Updated ordering and brochure website

The Piada project included a complete upgrade of their previous web presence. The goal was to portray their unique story, promoting branding via design, while stylistically providing a responsive, visual voice through passionate food imagery.

The second stage of the project focused on creating a new custom online ordering system capable of handling their rapid expansion, integrated with Olo, an online ordering platform catering to multi-unit restaurants.
Scope of Piada Project


Create user-friendly restaurant menus with detailed food descriptions and venue location information.

View locations for pricing details.

Create a custom, user-friendly online ordering system integrated with the Piada website.

Focus on creating a design/site/experience communicating Piada’s passion to their customers.

Through custom programming, Chepri worked closely with Piada and Moxie to design the UX/UI, and produce website content mirroring the spirit of their product and people.


The finished product successfully communicated the goal of the redesign — Piada’s passion for their business. It was a successful project that led to a substantial improvement — increasing their legitimacy, presence, and growth manyfold — and continues to do so.

Reached goal to get more visitors to the Piada homepage, experiencing a 43 percent increase.

Increased users ability to access high priority Piada menu and location pages a full 75.5 percent.

Created efficiency for users to locate pages and info, generating a streamlined 59 percent fewer clicks to checkout.

  • “Working with the team at Chepri was a great experience that helped redefine our online presence...”
    Matt Eisenacher
    Marketing Director


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