Port of Subs

Online Ordering UI/UX with Loyalty Integration

While searching for a cost-effective solution with the best ROI, Port of Subs® reached out to Chepri® to help integrate their customer loyalty with their custom online ordering system.

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Improving efficiency with increased revenue

Making a Name in the Sandwich Business

For over forty years, Port of Subs has become synonymous with quality sandwich making and superior customer service. Their unique taste comes from top quality meats and cheeses, freshly baked breads, and zesty dressings.

The Project

Chepri Technologists began by integrating the client's current online ordering platform, Olo, with a custom developed, user-friendly ordering system included for the site.

Once done, location mapping was built to ensure the customers' ability to easily find nearby Port of Subs restaurants. Everything was done with the Port of Subs quality of service in mind. This allowed our Technologists to maintain the client's brand throughout the project while working to improve the overall experience.


Chepri Technologists created the Port of Subs online ordering software through extensive wireframing and UX before implementing development from the stakeholders. The customer-facing experience was incorporated into their website, allowing for increased functionality and better ease of use for all guests.


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