Online Ordering, Brochure & CMS Integration

Saladworks® is a fast casual franchise specializing in salads, wraps, soups, and sandwiches. Seeking to rebrand and reinvent their digital technology, Saladworks chose Chepri® to develop innovations providing enhanced customer experiences.


Incorporates online ordering with an upgraded menu directly into the website.

Order customization, payment flexibility, and enhanced loyalty & rewards added.

Brochure site with CMS elevates Saladworks brand, consumer, and franchise goals.

Developed to satisfy heightened guest expectations

Reshaping the Dining Journey

Saladworks engaged Chepri to further channel their brand and vision by developing a new brochure web app with online ordering and content management system integrations to handle their rapidly growing business.

The Saladworks Online Ordering Experience

Chepri created a single-sign-on that permits Saladworks users to login, manage account information, order, make payments, and access their loyalty and rewards through leveraging the Qu Beyond and Punchh APIs.

Chepri's online ordering development allows customers to view, customize, and purchase single/multiple menu items, using a credit card and/or loyalty points redemption to check out. Guests can engage in a group order, and recent orders are available for quick reorder.

The Saladworks Brochure & CMS Experience

Chepri Technologists developed the new website to align with the look and feel of Saladworks updated marketing collateral, providing a unified aesthetic and cohesive brand statement.

Consumers are treated to streamlined UI/UX and CTAs enabling easy online ordering, loyalty/rewards program sign-up, and/or gift card purchase. Effective flows also direct users to the franchise landing page to learn more about the Saladworks franchising process.

Chepri's content management system implementation empowers the Saladworks team to manage important brochure functionality such as content and business intelligence, as well as update menu imagery, ingredients, etc.

True North

Customers expect technology to be frictionless. Saladworks, understanding their audience, leveraged Chepri to develop their digital footprint to generate a satisfying guest experience capable of significant impact within the market, delivering on the promise of a better dining journey, enhancing ROI.

With more than 100 locations across the globe, Saladworks delivers health-conscious, fan-driven dining, and continues to use Chepri as their technology partner.


Because every Saladworks restaurant menu is unique, locations were grouped in a list and map form by state then store, enabling the correct menu and pricing to populate dynamically via the Qu Beyond API.

Chepri built out Saladworks' menu products, grouping them by category, then item for easy online ordering, customization, rewards/loyalty application, and checkout.

The new brochure adhered to updated branding, allowing for display of new products, promotions, and the usage of social media feeds and marketing imagery.

The brochure site used clear navigation and efficient UI/UX to increase online orders for pickup and delivery, as well as to enlarge loyalty program participants.

Succinct UI/UX and CTAs directing users to learn more about franchising to increase Saladworks franchise inquiries and ownership.

The Saladworks Solution

Saladworks' highly-interactive, user-friendly web app allows desktop and mobile users alike to use the site for their online orders. By offering a responsive, omni-channel digital experience, Saladworks is building deeper relationships by engaging guests in a highly personalized and meaningful way, driving increased dining frequency, check size, and customer conversion and loyalty.


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