• Amazon to launch digital subscription service for Kindle?

    Last night, The Wall Street Journal reported that Inc. is in talks with several publishers about launching a subscription service for the Amazon Kindle line of e-book readers. The service would charge users a monthly fee to access a digital library of e-books, similar to Netflix’s current video-streaming library. This would prove to be […]

  • How E-Books Are Coming Full Circle Thanks to Tablets

    E-book device makers are increasingly looking to get into the tablet market for a few reasons: more control over the experience and revenues from apps are two big reasons. Ironically, this is move back to where e-books all started more than 10 years ago.

  • Will The Next iPad Challenge Come From Amazon?

    As the first Apple iPad 2 reviews arrive, there’s talk of a new tablet competitor in Amazon. There are several key reasons Amazon could succeed where other tablet makers are struggling, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park for Amazon.

  • Kindle Is Amazon’s Best Seller, Even in an iPad World

    Amazon’s latest Kindle reader, just five months old, is already the company’s best selling product ever. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, explains that Amazon can see many customers own both a Kindle device and an LCD tablet, underscoring Amazon’s wise move to make Kindle a platform.

  • Amazon MP3 Hits the BlackBerry

    The Amazon content juggernaut rambles on with the release of the Amazon MP3 app to the BlackBerry platform. The music store is available in the BlackBerry App World and brings the popular features “Free Song of the Day” and “Amazon’s Daily Deal” to the BlackBerry faithful.