After much collaboration and development, Chepri® is pleased to announce the launch of Piada’s new online ordering system.

With plans to expand their market and scale their successes, Piada approached Chepri® to help them upgrade their website to further channel their brand and vision, as well as create a new custom online ordering system capable of handling their rapid growth. The system is integrated with Olo, an online ordering platform that caters to multi-unit restaurants.

The new online ordering system is the second stage of a website overhaul that Chepri® has been working on with Piada. The first stage included a complete redesign of the original website; the second stage was all about the online ordering system.

Piada’s new online ordering system rivals most systems in the market today. Seamlessly integrated with the website, the new online ordering system features an incredibly intuitive user-interface and a first-class user-experience.

The masterful design easily allows customers to add or subtract ingredients from Piada’s signature dishes, or select the create your own option and hand-pick your own unique, delicious salad, pasta or Piada (and Tascas, at select locations). The available toppings are displayed in a visual array, making it easy to see, select and unselect the desired ingredients.

On the new system, putting in large group orders is a breeze. You create the initial group order, and invite whomever you wish to include in the order. Each invitee will receive a link, and from said link will be able to add items to the group’s cart. Once everyone has placed their order, you can check out and pick up the order in the store. Easy as pie.

If you’re a regular at Piada, with as little as three clicks, you can re-order a saved “favorite” order or recent order, and be on your way to lunch.

On top of everything else, the design is highly responsive, so it’s just as easy to order from your mobile device as it is your desktop.

The Bexley and Worthington Piada locations launched the new online ordering system Jan. 26, 2016. The remaining locations will be gradually adding the system over the coming months. (Edit: All locations are live.)