Voice software development for restaurants & hospitality brands

Capitalize on digital ordering through speech recognition. ChepriĀ® can leverage Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or any other voice-activated product to develop app skills that build brand experience for restaurant customers.

A New Medium

AI using custom app/skill UX for speech-activated online ordering and e-commerce experiences.

Grow Your Market

Voice revolutionizes the way users interact with your hospitality brand, adding convenience that equates to sales.

Your restaurant brand can profit by implementing voice

Expand your market share now. Voice digital e-commerce provides ultimate revenue opportunities while delivering users a convenient, seamless hospitality experience.

Custom App/Skill

We can develop an app/skill for any voice-activated e-commerce protocol or methodology.

Voice Integration

We provide setup testing, and will make the experience live and available in the app/skill store.

Reap the Benefits

What could be easier? With voice, your restaurant brand is opening the digital door to expanded ROI.

Is your restaurant brand ready to leverage AI and choose voice to exploit online ordering?

Our technologists advocate for voice-activated app/skill experiences because they produce verifiable results. Users are adopting voice as quickly as they did mobile. Don't be left behind.

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