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Custom Olo Development

A growing number of customers indicate that they want the option of taking food on the go and enjoying it within the comfort of their own four walls. A customized Olo digital ordering application offers your customers this enticing option and gives you a more robust revenue channel.

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We leverage the Olo API to connect our front-end user experience to online ordering, loyalty, and your POS while developing custom, scalable, and responsive apps for mobile, web, or kiosk.

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    Ordering Enhancements: How Olo Integrations Improve the On-Demand Customer Experience.

    Outside of creating a smooth digital experience that inspires long-term loyalty and positive reviews, Olo’s API also integrates seamlessly with loyalty rewards programs, delivery services and other 3rd parties to give your guests the best experience possible - no matter how they choose to order.

    Dig into the details and see how Chepri can specifically give you and your customers more control through custom Olo development.

    Custom Functionality: Get The Most Out Of The Olo Platform.

    Many of the clients we work with throughout the US currently use some sort of Olo development infrastructure - because we know every facet of this platform. Based on your brand’s priorities and objectives, our team can custom develop a complete desktop, mobile, and kiosk experience to match and boost your current Olo capabilities.

    Restaurant Mobile App Development

    Custom Upsells

    Integrate suggestive ecommerce up-selling functionality based on ordering trends to increase average check size.

    Group Ordering

    Allow for customized group ordering flow, larger orders, and catering ordering UX to appeal to even more audiences.

    Personalization Features

    Create user personalization inside of Olo's ordering flow for improved guest experience and higher engagement.

    Faster Checkout

    Reduce the number of clicks it takes to complete an order by creating custom experience flows based on user wants.

    Expanded Re-ordering

    People like to look back. Provide the ability for guests to save orders and reorder previous orders to improve loyalty.

    Digital Asset Integration

    Easily manage digital assets, ingredient images, location data, photos and other content from one seamless content management platform.

    Follow The Leaders: How Major Brands Use Tech To Improve ROI & Customer Satisfaction

    As Olo UX Development Partners, we have improved several of the nation’s leading restaurant brands’ guest experiences while increasing average order size and improving in-store efficiency. Learn how our experts helped brands like, Piada and Port of Subs maximize their investment while adding value to the overall user experience (UX) with custom web and mobile solutions.

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    The Power Of Right Now: Boosting Online Ordering Capabilities to Expand Location Footprint

    Olo offers fast, secure, and reliable order processing, with the ability to process 20+ orders per second. The infrastructure is modular, resilient, simplified, and scalable with your restaurant's growth. Chepri further improves Olo’s capabilities and the entire digital experience based on your unique direction.

    What do you need out of your digital applications? What more do you want out of the Olo platform? What fresh functionality will improve both the customer experience and the daily lives of your team? We can answer those questions and get it done.

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