Loyalty and rewards programs are nothing new, but their effective integration is essential for positive results.

As a restauranteur that strives to maximize the profitability of your business, you’ve likely implemented such programs. If you haven’t done so already, then you’re leaving money on the table, and allowing your competitors to pull ahead.

Over one in 10 global respondents prefer to purchase from retailers with a loyalty program, according to Nielsen. Think about the impact that’s having on your restaurant and its future potential.

But if you are relying on printed coupons and punch cards to retain customer loyalty – then you are doing it wrong.

Does your restaurant use Olo?

Today’s tech-savvy consumers prefer to connect with brands through their smartphones and other digital devices. Chepri’s® integrated omnichannel experience allows guests to easily earn and redeem loyaty points and rewards, increasing revenue by creating happier customers. A good way to attract and retain these consumers is through the Olo digital ordering platform.

Here’s how custom Olo loyalty & rewards integrations can benefit your restaurant, going beyond just retention, driving lifetime value by bringing customers back again and again.

A Customer-Centric Approach

It’s always important for your brand to put your customers first. That’s why the user experience should be at the forefront of all design and integration decisions. Your customers will appreciate your user-friendly digital touch points that will become synonymous with your brand.

Also, it should be easy for customers to earn and redeem loyalty points, and any rewards, through Olo’s platform. Strive to create a better digital solution by leveraging a web app experience built for multi-location restaurants, integrating frictionless single sign-on (SSO) mobile ordering, providing custom loyalty & rewards implementations.

An integrated omnichannel solution makes this all possible by integrating the Olo API and utilizing it directly with your loyalty programs, online ordering, and POS. On top of that, it’s a fully custom and scalable solution that’s coherent on the kiosk, mobile, and web.

Tailoring The Right Solution For You

Chepri® has a strong partner relationship with Olo and a solid grasp of their platform. This allows us to develop custom solutions to deal with the most demanding and unique scenarios.

We can bolster visits and spending with real-time points, offers and messages to strengthen guest relationships, delivering greater results for your restaurant.

Every brand is different, and we’re sure that your restaurant has unique characteristics that set it apart from competitors. And, because of this, we leverage those aspects through custom development that showcases your brand individuality, providing your business a competitive advantage.

That is why we strive to make our entire Olo loyalty & reward integration process tailored to your specific business rules. So, whether you have a loyalty program that’s different from the norm, or trying to attract a new demographic, we can implement special functionality and feature-sets that will drive value while increasing guest frequency.

The Personal Touch

While preparing delicious meals and beverages is vital for success in the restaurant business, unfortunately, this isn’t enough. As much as customers appreciate tasty food, they also want to feel special and that you care about them.

Have you noticed how the busiest restaurants tend to have great customer service? Usually, they’ll have friendly and well-trained staff present to help out the most demanding customers with gusto. And, it’s not uncommon for staff members to know their customers’ names and some background information about them.

Now, imagine taking that level of service and applying it to all your digital touch points. What do you think that would do to customer satisfaction and loyalty for your brand? We know the answer; it will enhance the reputation of your restaurant and ignite its sales figures significantly.

The good news is that our custom Olo loyalty & rewards integrations are perfectly suited for such scenarios. They allow you to bolster relationships with existing customers while helping you reach out to new customers. Your customers will be motivated to order regularly knowing that they have a loyalty and rewards program that’s tailored to them, and not the same old offers they may receive elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the restaurant business is tough. And, that’s why we’re always coming up with solutions to alleviate some of the challenges that restauranteurs face. Expanding reach and revenue, our custom loyalty & rewards integrations leverage our strategic partnership with Olo to improve the guest online ordering experience.

With over 80 percent of Americans owning a smartphone, it’s impossible to ignore the impact this is having on their purchasing habits. That’s why leading restaurants are implementing their loyalty and rewards programs digitally, and reaping the benefits thereof, using seamless login and turnkey integration to enhance e-commerce revenue.

Drive lifetime value whether you prefer Olo or loyalty & rewards partners such as Fishbowl, Patronix, Punchh, or a new innovative program, we can develop and integrate the best solution for your brand.

So, as an Olo customer, are you considering an integrated loyalty and rewards program for online orders yet?

Utilizing Olo Loyalty & Rewards Integrations For Maximum Results

Olo’s digital ordering platform has proven to be robust while delivering the world class service that customers demand. At Chepri®, we make effective use of their API to give our clients in the restaurant industry custom solutions which help them stay ahead of the curve.

By combining Olo’s API together with our data measurement solution, mobile cross-platform apps, and striking website design, our custom Olo loyalty & rewards integrations enable brands to surprise and delight guests with compelling and seamless customer experiences that don’t just capture their loyalty, but increase frequency and ROI. If you are interested in finding out how our solutions can help transform your digital presence and improve customer loyalty, feel free to contact us immediately.