Interactive self-service kiosks for restaurant brands

Chepri® develops integrated omni-channel app experiences for touch screen kiosks in-store and off-site that streamline operations while enhancing ROI.


Chepri® builds cross-platform kiosk app experiences using cloud or mobile-based custom development.

We integrate your favorite payment processor or leverage pre-paid orders to your online system.

Our omni-channel UX works on any size screen for maximum checkout to create bigger orders with larger upsells.

Integrated self-service kiosk UX

Our technologists design & develop kiosk apps that efficiently connect designated systems to take orders, provide checkout, or offer any other type of functionality required. We structure the right feature-sets to provide an experience that works for users.

We construct omni-channel kiosk web apps that are responsive across all digital devices for maximum usability and profitability.

Way beyond white label, custom guest experiences.

Our custom self-service kiosk apps not only provide better user experience, they leverage innovative technologies such as voice, facial, and mood recognition, employ sophisticated up-sell and cross-sell algorithms, and access the IoT to create centrally-managed experiential business intelligence and data collection systems.

We provide the ability to differentiate your brand, personalize user experience, cater to different wants & needs, increase order accuracy, add payment convenience, and provide faster service.

PCI Compliant

We build a secure, confident solution for any platform.

ADA Compliant

Kiosk UX that works for guests with disabilities.

Transform and elevate your restaurant brand with Chepri® self-service kiosk UX

We make it easy for users to interact with you through our multi-channel kiosk applications, offering a seamless digital experience that improves satisfaction while raising revenue.

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