Branding designed for any app we build.

From app icons to splash screens, Chepri® will design your app logo and branding for any product we build.  Get the look you need to convey your organization’s identity.

Brand definition.

Branding is important, you know that. But defining your brand is the most important element of establishing an identity. We start at square one in the process, utilizing market research and establishing goals to help your brand succeed. From detailed brand guidelines to beautiful logo design – big projects or small startups – we will work to bring your vision to life.

Meaningful design.

A brand is much more than a simple logo. While creating the perfect logo is crucial, it is just the tip of the iceberg. We help to establish everything from typography and brand colors, to developing a voice that accurately represents your project or company.

Stay true.

In addition to establishing branding and identity, we also work to help pre-existing companies update or stay true to their current identity and brand. We are very passionate about doing what it takes to help you succeed at every level, with any project we take on.

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