User experience wireframing

Restaurant user interface design

A great user interface is extremely important because hospitality customers won't return to a difficult, badly designed experience. Keep your guests coming back for more with an unforgettably effective restaurant UI design for web, mobile, and kiosk apps.


User Needs

The most important part of UI design. Chepri® designers work with your hospitality brand to determine what your customers want & need to do.


We understand custom interfaces must meet your business rules, which is why we develop flows according to your restaurant's specifications.


Chepri® decreases the user's cognitive toll by avoiding obscurity, designing intuitive UI with clear meaning and functionality.

Simplified user experiences that match your restaurant brand

Chepri® technologists develop functional, well-chosen UI components, designed with restaurant guests' needs in mind to accomplish customer experience project goals. Every line of code has a purpose; every user-facing button has a function.

Restaurant UI Design and App Development


We make sure interface elements on your restaurant's website are rated for ADA compliance at all times for all users through adequate size, contrast, and functional color choices.

Improve your customers' satisfaction with your digital restaurant experience with custom UI design from Chepri

Chepri® builds exceptional UI that ensures the end-user is able to complete the task at hand easily and effectively, enhancing revenue. A great experience yields customer loyalty.

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