Elevate The Entire Fast Casual Experience

Chepri builds UX and design solutions for fast casual restaurants to bridge the divide between dine-in ambience and the digital experience. As consumers become more tech-savvy, they’re looking for brands that offer top-quality food and drinks while also leveraging new and engaging technologies. If you provide the menu, we can handle the rest.

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All In One: Integrating the Digital UX With Your Physical UI

Fast casual restaurant owners consider it all when creating an unforgettable user experience – from the napkins and hats, to Instagram-worthy murals by local artists and an app that customers are happy to use time and time again. All of these components make up the public’s perception of your brand. It’s what they remember and it’s what they talk about.

Chepri specializes in bringing together your branding playbook to create a scalable digital ecosystem that matches your day-to-day operations – no matter if you manage 25 stores or if you’re the decision-maker for a 500-location empire.

Bolster Your Brand & Build Loyalty

Consumers rely on two things when making the choice to return to an establishment: quality of product and their evaluation of the experience. While your in-house experts are there to make sure the food, drinks and atmosphere are top-tier, our developers can design a digital infrastructure that reinforces those efforts and energizes customers to support your business.

When a positive experience is reinforced multiple times and loyalty is rewarded, users are inclined to leave positive reviews across a variety of platforms, which improves your exposure, enhances the organic perception of your brand and boosts your ROI.

Rewards Programs

Nothing builds allegiance quite like an engaging loyalty rewards app. Inspire returning customers and motivate word of mouth with your own custom program.

Group Checks & Splitting

Life is better when we’re together; however, splitting the bill can be a hassle. Our fast casual app solutions make check splitting and tipping decisions simple.

Easy Payment Changes

Certain cards offer better rewards. Give customers control and the ability to quickly switch out payment methods, including credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Punch Pizza Restaurant Mobile App Development

Happy Customers Come Back – And They Write Great Reviews

Our technologists use your creative branding and functional vision to build a simplified ordering and checkout process that is made complete with an engaging rewards program and additional features unique to your establishment's experience. Each step is designed to keep people engaged and to increase the percentage of returning customers.

Bring it all together.

Improve your guest's experience, increased ROI.