Dashboards & business intelligence for restaurants

Chepri® develops advanced data measurement technology solutions that provide analytic insight into all facets of your hospitality business through an interactive dashboard.


We work with you to determine what business intelligence is important, and in what format data should be delivered for maximum results.

Chepri® sets up custom analytics to track restaurant customer engagement and purchasing habits to understand how guests are interacting online.

Our usability reporting functionality uses heat maps and feedback loops to focus on the user journey, and improve the overall customer experience.

Why should you care about your restaurant's analytics?

A data-driven foundation is imperative to make informed decisions about your hospitality operation, and you need the right tools to measure and track every aspect of your business and customer base to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Chepri® leverages innovative technologies and artificial intelligence to create custom software and dashboards that make data relationships and purchasing interactions easier to understand, while providing source analysis to track KPIs related to performance and customer satisfaction.

Snapshot of Your Business

A custom dashboard is a visualization tool that answers every high-level question at a glance, providing an enterprise view of your restaurant operations.

Purchasing & Expense Tracking

Track money spent while ordering hospitality supplies with a dashboard tailored to show margins and record totals for any expenses paid out to suppliers.

Effectiveness of Items & Specials

Solve the pervasive and elusive problems related to the popularity and profitability of specific e-commerce items with restaurant dashboard insights.

Measure and track restaurant customer experience, e-commerce, and operational successes across all digital channels

Our technologists create software and dashboards that collect and analyze data from all your digital touchpoints. We will configure and customize your analytics to get the data necessary to improve your ROI.

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