Kitchen display system app development that delivers superior kitchen staff experiences

ChepriĀ® builds restaurant kitchen display system UX that promotes visibility & organization with intuitive menus, simple user interfaces, and POS/payment processor integration. Our KDS seamlessly connects your front of house and kitchen employees, aggregating all orders from web, mobile, kiosk, and third-party channels.


Increased Efficiency

Orders sent immediately to the KDS from all channels with routing, preparation, coursing, and tracking available for all to view.

Order Tracking

Options to evaluate how long orders take to prepare, late orders, online orders, paid orders, voided orders, and deliveries.

Integrated Online Ordering

Online orders automatically appear on KDS screen, and don't require staff members to re-enter them into the POS system.

Insight Reporting

Business intelligence and data analysis of order completion, fulfillment, shift/staff efficiency, inventory, resources, etc.

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