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Develop Your Restaurant's Digital Experience

Customers like simplified ordering experiences. Employees like streamlined daily processes. You like busting profit plateaus and boosting ROI. And we can bring together all of these wishlist items through custom app development to create a fully-integrated, comprehensive and loyalty-inspiring UX. If we build it, they will come – and they’ll keep coming back.

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Fully-Integrated Restaurant UX App Design & Development

We develop apps to help restaurants make the most of “smarter” technologies.

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    Don’t Fall Behind – Lead The Charge

    Technological innovation is surging within the Food and Drink industry. Devices are getting smarter, consumers are becoming more tech-savvy, and the differences between the digital and physical experience are disappearing. Now, more than ever, is the time for you to push your brand to the next level by creating an engaging digital experience that energizes customers and motivates habitual return visits.

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    Restaurant App Development That’s Inspired By Yesterday & Breaking New Ground Today

    Chepri was founded amidst the 2008 recession, and we watched as the industry drastically changed in such a short amount of time. We went from handshake deals to contactless communication seemingly overnight. Just as the majority of consumers have adopted smartphones, they’re quickly shifting their desires toward an “all digital everything” future.

    Touchscreen kiosks software. Voice search. Online ordering applications. If you can think of it – and the customer wants it – we can make it happen.

    We’ve Helped These Brands Break Away From The Pack

    Simplicity & Functionality: What Makes A Great Restaurant App UX

    The web-based restaurant apps we develop offer a simplified, creatively-driven experience for customers – but they also maintain a high level of integration and connectivity to make the lives of your employees easier.

    As the primary operator, what communication struggles do you hear most often from your team? How can a streamlined front-end UX improve efficiency in the kitchen and in the office? Our seasoned developers will consider all pain points and desired features before building a truly novel, unique and comprehensive application for your brand.

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    Build As You Go: The Benefits of Custom App Development for Restaurants

    As you’ve researched your options, you have likely found a few out-of-the-box options that offer quick digital or cloud-based solutions to some of your struggles. However, many of these canned platforms lack the customization you need to grow as a business. They act as a Band-Aid fix when what you really need is a proper diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation to become stronger than ever.

    A Solution That Scales With Your Success.

    Bespoke Solutions Win

    Custom app development not only allows you to bring to life a vision that is truly unique to your brand, but also the ability to build on top of the initial foundation Chepri has created. Need to integrate with third-party delivery platforms like Uber Eats or GrubHub? Wish to add check splitting options after everything has gone live for a few months? We can integrate new modules, features and functionality within the existing scalable infrastructure – which means you don’t have to spend hours on the phone, being passed around from support team to support team.

    In-house quality.

    All functionality is housed within the same building. Everything is connected. Because of this, we can build upward and beyond.