Online ordering for independent restaurants is growing fast.

More and more customers are opting to place orders online. And, customers who order online also tend to visit their favorite restaurants more often.

According to PMQ Pizza Magazine, customers who have placed an online order visit the restaurant 67 percent more frequently than customers who haven’t.

So, marketing your online ordering is a wise idea. Here are several time-tested ideas to help you make it work.

Promote Online Ordering In-Store

If you offer online ordering, then you should let your regular in-store customers know that they can also get the same great food by placing an order online.

You could use your menu, business cards, signage and other promotional material to keep your guests informed. You could even have your table staff let guests know that they can also order online.

New customers are unlikely to know that you also take online orders, so this a good way to ensure you’re tapping into this crowd.

Give Your Customers Coupons They Can Claim Online

This goes hand in hand with the last point. People love loyalty & rewards integration discounts, so giving your customers coupons they can claim online is a good way to encourage online ordering.

Another benefit of coupons is that you can encourage more repeat business, driving up your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Having coupons ready for special occasions, a quick “thank you” or even for apologies when mistakes are made is a great way to delight and win over your customers.

Promote Online Ordering On Your Website

A great website design is a powerful marketing tool and a particularly important one in the digital age. If your web development isn’t up to par, you aren’t just falling behind the times – you’re becoming irrelevant. If you can’t be found on Google, you’re almost invisible.

So, don’t forget to promote online ordering on your website, whether it’s on third-party providers like SkipTheDishes or your own online ordering system. Just adding a link to your sidebar could have a dramatic impact on your results.

Additionally, it’s important that you get your website visitors to take a profitable action while they’re on your website, whether it’s signing up for your emails, reserving a table or making an order.

Promote Online Ordering On Social Media

Social media is a great tool for connecting with your audience and staying top of mind with them. And, there’s nothing wrong with posting the occasional marketing message either.

You could simply pose questions like, “Did you know that we also take orders online? Get your favorite dishes delivered to your door.”

Make your social media posts fun and engaging. This is the best way to take advantage of your owned media. Don’t try to use it as a marketing engine.

Promote Online Ordering Via Email

Last but certainly not least, we have email. It’s just as important than – if not more important than – using social media to promote your business.

According to AgencyAnalytics, 58 percent of internet users check their email first thing in the morning – before looking at Facebook, doing a Google search or even checking the weather – and roughly nine out of 10 email users check their inbox at least once per day.

So, if you don’t have an email list, start building one. If you do, then begin sending campaigns immediately, and let your audience know where they can place orders online.

Final Thoughts

Keep it simple. Marketing your online ordering should prove relatively simple if you use your existing marketing channels. Apply your creativity towards enticing users to order online. Offer a discount or give your audience an opportunity to claim free delivery. Once they’re hooked, they’ll want to order from you again, and it shouldn’t be long before you have a solid client base.

Integrating Online Ordering

Chepri® can fully integrate delivery into your existing website, mobile app, or self-service kiosk. If you need online ordering built from scratch or are interested in having your existing online ordering redesigned, the team at Chepri® can help you realize your vision.

We will fully integrate any API, including your point of sale, online ordering, loyalty & reward programs and any other customer touchpoint, seamlessly across all channels with our innovative integration platform. We are eager to hear about your design goals so we can create a responsive site that will give your customers an excellent online experience.