Your website represents your central hub on the web. It’s where prospects and customers come to learn about you, look over your menu, find your location(s), get in touch with you, order menu items and more.

What doesn’t always get discussed is with regards to restaurant web design and web development is user experience (UX) development. Having a website is better than not having one. But having an effective website is even better.

And, the exact specifics of having an effective website can vary based on your brand, your target audience, your menu and the like.

But if you can get more people coming to your website, get more visitors contacting you, get more customers placing orders, there’s going to be a direct impact on your bottom line.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

According to CIO Dive, 70 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile phones.

Today, mobile devices are the standard. If your website isn’t responsive, you’re not getting the most out of your online presence.

Responsive design means your website looks great on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices, as the site will automatically adjust to the user’s screen size.

This is relatively basic as it applies to UX for restaurant websites, but it’s foundational to everything else you do to ensure a standout online experience for your visitors.

Create A User-Friendly Menu & Use Standard Names For Your Pages

Make it easy for your website visitors to find what they’re looking for on your website.

All links in your menu should be clearly readable and easy to understand. And, think carefully about the pages you want to include. Don’t give your users a lot to click on. Only include links you absolutely want them to be aware of.

And, as for the names of your pages, your contact page should simply be “Contact”, “Contact Us” or similar. Your menu page should be labeled “Menu”. Keep it simple.

Again, this may seem relatively basic, but it’s an important consideration when it comes to directing your visitors to the right places on your website.

Include Testimonials On Your Website

Get your customers to be your evangelists and spokespeople. There’s no reason to do all the work yourself, especially when the words coming from your guests are far more effective in getting your message across to prospects and customers than any copy you could write.

Quotes and testimonials improve customer experience because they position your restaurant as a legitimate business with customers who speak well of you.

Ensure Your Menu Is Attractive, Readable & Compatible

By default, many restaurants take pictures of their menu or scan it and upload images to their website. But depending on the dimensions of the images, the file type you choose, and how they show up on your site, your online menu might not be doing you any favors.

Plus, you could be missing out on some serious SEO juice. Ideally, you should have images for all menu items and a brief but compelling description for each. This will make your site more usable and discoverable overall.

And, again, mobile app development is crucial. Large JPGs or even PDFs don’t always work that well with smartphones, and if an interested prospect can’t read your menu, it could impede their decision to come to your restaurant.

Final Thoughts

The above is but a starting point. There’s so much more to UX and ensuring your site is usable. The easier and more intuitive it is, the better your business will ultimately do. Your ROI on your website will soar if your UX is optimized.

So, is it worth investing into custom web design? Is UX the key to improved business results? Do you need help improving your website? 

Are You Interested In Custom Web Development Services For Your Restaurant? 

Whatever web app, mobile app, or self-service kiosk you are currently using or plan to use in the future, they should be a reflection of your restaurant and the excellent customer service you provide.

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