You know when you perform a Google search, that some snippets that are displayed are MUCH more desirable then others, right? How come these guys are getting such great snippets, when yours look so darn arbitrary? They certainly must be Search Engine Optimization wizards.

Well, the deal is that there’s a secret to it, and not that many Web Developers are aware of it. I’m not going to go heavily into and rehash Fred’s outline/tutorial, but it does suffice to say that the trick is based on something called ‘Microformats.’ These are essentially a set of agreed conventions that can be used to control how your snippets behave. Take a look at his tutorial and see if this helps your Magento store, WordPress site, Joomla implementation, or other CMS-based site or store.


Also, you can read to your little heart’s content about Microformats at the project page: