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Chepri® is a technology company that isn’t only serving established organizations. High-growth start-up companies are redefining every industry, producing innovative ideas affecting consumers and the marketplace. This means that start-ups need a partner that understands start-up type thinking more than ever.

Emerging start-ups come to us for their MVP.

Chepri® benefits start-ups by helping facilitate expansion using web and mobile technologies, cloud computing, content and customer relationship management, and custom software capable of automating and streamlining important business functionality.




In addition to being one of Chepri’s® best startup websites, 1st Cast Media, LLC, approached us to be their mobile development company, desiring to vet an idea becoming the new app 1st Cast L.E. The mobile app allows law enforcement officers solve crimes faster, while improving communication within their own departments, and with other neighboring departments as well.

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Game Roster Responsive Web App






Game Roster began as a startup website built by Chepri®, developed into a web app with a custom iOS API, soon to be released by the Apple App Store. Representing another of mobile development company Chepri’s® best startup websites, Game Roster is an online marketplace helping to organize game events with friends, connect with new players, avoid trolls, and make money playing games.

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