Result-oriented performance tuning for restaurants

Is your website or app running slower than normal? Maintenance of your server, database, or application could be the solution. At ChepriĀ®, we specialize in identifying problems and finding solutions to get your digital guest experiences performing at their best.


Are you ready to get your technology platforms up to speed?

Just like your car needs a tune up, performance tuning is necessary maintenance for your technology. Contact us today to get more information about how we can tune your servers, and get your app running faster.


Chepri technologists focus on tuning relational database servers like MySQL and PostgreSQL or noSQL, like Mongo.

Web Servers

Reverse proxies and web servers, like Apache and Nginx. Get in touch to learn how we can keep them running well.

Load Balancing and Caching

Configuring caching, load balancers can be tough. Let's get the most out of your server by adding and tuning cache.

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Contact us today to get more information about how we can performance tune your servers, and help your app run faster.

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