Fast casual restaurant Saladworks is entering the first stage of testing with next-generation web development and a new online ordering platform created by Chepri®, marking a milestone step in the completion of their fully integrated digital experience. The Saladworks Andorra location will be the first to go live, and following a complete test, there will be be an online launch for the rest of the brand.


The Saladworks concept was developed with the idea of providing fresh, made-to-order, entrée-sized salads as an alternative food offering for consumers on the go. Saladworks provided a meal that was healthy, quickly accessible and delicious.

Saladworks grew locally and as the company experienced incredible consumer response, Saladworks began its rapid ascent towards becoming the nation’s #1 salad franchise. With more than 100 locations across the globe, Saladworks delivers health-conscious, fan-driven dining.

The Saladworks operational strategy embraced the use of digital development technology to provide an enhanced guest experience. By partnering with Chepri®, Saladworks made the conscious decision to innovate and thereby satisfy heightened customer expectations.

Saladworks chose Chepri® to orchestrate a brochure website upgrade further channeling their brand and vision, and the creation of a new custom online ordering system capable of handling their rapidly growing business.

Chepri® upgraded Saladworks’ old system to the Qu API and UX development platform, further incorporating online ordering with an upgraded menu directly into the website. Improvements like order customization, payment flexibility and enhanced loyalty & rewards increased functionality, enabling more seamless transitions while creating a drastically better guest experience.


Being both tech and time-savvy, customers expect a frictionless dining experience. Saladworks, understanding their audience, leveraged Chepri® to raise the bar, generating a satisfying, customized, technology-enabled digital guest experience capable of significant impact within the market, delivering on the promise of a better dining journey.

Chepri® has empowered Saladworks with digital UX Development solutions that increase convenience, winning over guests from competitors while growing existing consumer spend. After testing and launch, the Chepri® system will cause a direct result in increased online ordering revenue. In the past, Chepri® customers have seen over 300 percent growth.

Saladworks is thrilled with their highly-interactive, user-friendly website, allowing desktop and mobile users alike to use the Saladworks site for their online orders. By offering a responsive, omni-channel digital experience, Saladworks is building deeper relationships by engaging guests in a highly personalized and meaningful way, driving increased dining frequency, check size, and customer conversion and loyalty.

To experience the new website, go to: