With the Chepri banner, laptops, iPads, brochures and business cards in tow, we headed downtown from our Worthington offices to the Ohio Statehouse Museum Gallery, setting up our sponsorship table for #TechDayOhio.

We had been contacted by the Executive Director of Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow (TOT) and Strategy Group Company Associate Anna Conrad, earlier in the month, asking if Chepri, as a Ohio tech builder of websites and mobile applications, would be interested in participating in the convention.

We knew this would be a great opportunity to meet representatives from other companies, as well as event participants and attendees. And, of course, showcasing our innovative projects to Ohio legislators.

Even though some spotty rain fell in intervals, the evening was warm, welcoming the Ohio tech event. Once inside, after passing through the Statehouse security checkpoint, we descended into the building’s labyrinthian lower hallways emerging into the Museum Gallery.


Time to set up our table, displays, and begin the meet and greet!

Ohio Tech, TOT, Jack McIntyre, Bill Kiel

Chepri Sales Engineer Jack McIntyre and Sales Director Bill Kiel

So, before we begin describing some of the vendors and companies present, as well as the Senators and their speeches, you may want to know a bit more about Tech Day Ohio.


Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow is the Ohio-based project of Mobile Consumers for Choice and Competition, a non-profit organization of individual consumers interested in technology, broadband, and telecommunication issues.

The mission of TOT is advocating public policies inspiring and encouraging innovation in technology while informing and educating technology consumers about legislative and regulatory issues that impact their lives.


Conrad began the festivities with gracious and informative opening remarks …

Ohio Tech, TOT, Anna Conrad speaking

Executive Director of Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow (TOT) Anna Conrad

… leading into a short speech from Senator Joe Uecker, Chairman of the Broadband Caucus, about helping Ohio increase its broadband internet access and integration, allowing Ohioans to enjoy the benefits coming with increased access to new technology.

Ohio Tech, TOT, Senator Joe Uecker, Anna Conrad

Senator & Chairman of the Broadband Caucus Joe Uecker, Anna Conrad

Conrad then presented Senator Bill Seitz with the “Legislator of the Year” award …

Ohio Tech, TOT, Senator Bill Seitz, Anna Conrad

Senator Bill Seitz, Anna Conrad

… and Senator Seitz spoke at length about subjects ranging from Ohio tech broadband, internet and technology issues, energy policy, sentencing laws, distracted driving, and ending the red light camera program.

Ohio Tech, TOT, Senator Bill Seitz speaking

Senator Bill Seitz

This year’s theme was “Digital Inclusion,” focusing on how we have moved from an environment where people mostly use the Internet to search and send email to one where people use digital tools to actively manage every part of their lives.

The goal of the event was to demonstrate to legislators how new, innovative Ohio technology continues to lead the way in building digitally inclusive communities that support all aspects of Ohio’s economy.

Exhibits from different sectors of society showcased their use of Ohio tech in their business operations. Chepri® spoke with a few, such as:

Karl Seiler and Dan Hairston from DataServ, providing information technology solutions to public and commercial markets.

Tech Ohio, TOT, Karl Seiler, Dan Hairston

Karl Seiler, Dan Hairston from DataServ

Kyle Bivenour and Brandi Harris ready to provide an UBER ride …

Ohio Tech, TOT, Kyle Bivenouzr, Brandi Harris

Kyle Bivenouzr, Brandi Harris of UBER

Ryan Powell and Tim Norris from Ag Info Tech LLC were ready to help get some growing done …

Ohio Tech, TOT, Ryan Powell, Tim Norris

Ryan Powell, Tim Norris of Ag Info Tech

Strategy Group Senior Vice-President of Government & Public Affairs Pamela Siekman was also guiding the show …

Ohio tech, TOT, Pamela Siekman

Strategy Group Senior Vice-President of Government & Public Affairs Pamela Siekman

The IC3D Printers group was also on hand, generating new prototype concepts for attendee examination …

Ohio tech, TOT, IC3D Printers group

IC3D Printers Team

Along with Proto Buildbar, encouraging great 3D printing creations while enjoying their cafe …

Ohio Tech, TOT, Proto Build Bar

Proto BuildBar

… and the very friendly and informative eSchoolView team, Ben Good and Michael Maloney, Jr.

Ohio Tech, TOT, Ben Good, Michael Maloney, Jr.

Ben Good, Michael Maloney, Jr. of eSchoolView

Other participants included Battelle, Expedient, The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, Connect Ohio, and AT&T.

All-in-all, a great Ohio tech event.

Chepri was honored to participate in the Technology for Ohio’s Tomorrow conference, showcasing our website and mobile app projects which foster digital technology innovation and development.

We will see you again soon.