Chepri and Piada Italian Street Food are thrilled to announce the launch of the new, Piada’s revamped website!

Chepri’s design and development teams joined forces, with design direction by Moxie, to create an exciting new look and feel for the Italian contemporary, casual dining powerhouse, Piada.

Piada’s new website is a complete redesign (and re-development) of their previous web presence from the ground up. The site design was centered around Piada as a brand, with the goal being to stylistically give Piada a visual voice. Using romancing imagery and a design with the secondary colors coming through in the food photography, the Piada story – the Italian story – comes alive.

Chepri’s team has been eager to launch this site from day one.

“Piada’s vision and passion are evident in the quality of their product and people. Having the opportunity to work and collaborate with Piada has been an absolute pleasure,” said Steve Schwinghammer, Chepri’s lead on the project. “Helping them communicate their vision and passion for their business in a way that’s meaningful to not only them, but their loyal fans, has been a very rewarding experience of which my team and I are very proud to be a part.”

A good part of the design focused on the Piada chefs, as they have a central role in the company. The imagery of the chef coat and the chef’s hands and his knives bring to mind something that’s real – something fresh, something raw.

The launch of the new Piada website is only the first exciting announcement for Chepri and Piada…

Coming this fall, Chepri will introduce Piada’s new online ordering system. The system will be a vast improvement upon the current system in place, and should increase online ordering for Piada manyfold.

We are all confident that the new site and online ordering platform will aid in the exponential growth and success Piada has already enjoyed, and we look forward to helping them continue to fulfill their goals and making their customers happy,” relayed Schwinghammer.

Chepri loves Piada, and we are looking forward to working together in the future!

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