Safeguard Risk Solutions is a longtime Chepri client and industry leader in helping organizations reduce their liabilities through preparing for emergencies – both natural and manmade. In August 2016, Safeguard Risk Solutions announced that they had been honored with the Campus Safety BEST Award (from Campus Safety Magazine) for their Mobile Emergency Response Plans (MERP), developed by the Technologists at Chepri (and we couldn’t be more excited for them).

The Campus Safety BEST award program recognizes the superlative security, law enforcement, emergency management and safety solutions for K-12 campuses, colleges and universities, as well as healthcare organizations. The nominees and winners are evaluated and chosen by a panel of credible industry leaders.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award,” Gary L. Sigrist, Jr., Chief Executive Officer and President, Safeguard Risk Solutions. “Safeguard Risk Solutions helps organizations prepare for the worst case scenario by having a plan in place when you need it. How an organization protects its employees, its customers, and its assets—should an emergency occur—can make all the difference between just a critical event or a disaster.”

The MERP allows schools, businesses, and hospitals to put emergency plans conveniently at the fingertips of every employee in an organization or campus. The MERP is web-based, and includes an app that allows the emergency response plans to be accessed on tablets and smartphones. MERP includes a two-way Emergency Communication System that provides direct emergency notices to be sent instantly to all staff at the onset of an incident, potentially reducing both the severity and length of the event. The MERP comes pre-populated with an all-hazards plan, which is editable and customizable. Updates to emergency response plans can be instantly pushed out to all parties and facilities with the touch of a button.

Expertly designed to be the foundation of an organization or educational institution’s response to unplanned incidents, Safeguard Risk Solutions’ MERP holds the strategy for an immediate response to an emergency – a customized safety plan that is easily accessible on any mobile device, tablet, or computer. Its mobile accessibility greatly increases the convenience, usability and effectiveness of any emergency response strategy through their app, while serving as the guideline for the actions to be taken by employees in the critical first moments of an incident.

The mobile app allows documents to be accessed during an emergency event, even during extreme incidents where there is a power outage or lost internet connectivity.

“We’ve been working with Gary since 2012 and the team at Safeguard Risk Solutions since 2014,” said Jason Profitt, Director of Technology at Chepri. “It’s been a great experience for both myself and our Technologists to work with Safeguard to develop and refine both their web app and mobile app. We’re thrilled that they won the Campus BEST Safety Award, and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success.”