Now the new year is upon us, have you resolved to improve your business technology? Have you taken a deep breath, deciding it’s time for a technology services and products check-up, positioning you for healthier success?

You probably have made a list of new technology strategies to implement and imperative goals to accomplish. But, like scheduling a doctor’s visit, you may have trouble buckling down and making the appointment.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start-up manager, mid-size company marketer or enterprise corporation director, making fresh updates to your existing business technology sources will fuel healthy growth, while furthering ROI. In other words, this shot in the arm is entirely worth it.


During the course of your day, do you find yourself asking: “Are my business technology services healthy? How do I evaluate my needs? Where do I turn for answers regarding my website, development concerns, cloud servers, hosting, support and marketing sources?”

If you’re asking these questions, then it’s time for your new year’s technology services physical. Whether you’re a returning or new client, Chepri® can assess your symptoms so a proper diagnosis can be made, and healing solution prescribed.


You may want a website rebuild or CMS update. Perhaps only a functional plug-in. Maybe cloud services or a support package. No matter what your need, Chepri® can assist you. Just ask us.

Investing in technology services improving your business is not brain surgery, it’s more of a new year’s “no-brainer.” We’ll work with you to understand your business technology goals, as well as who your clients are and why they seek out your company products and/or services.

Then we’ll perform an analysis of your business technology services, making you aware of necessary updates, recommended upgrades, new tools, and ways to simplify systems, unify work flows, and provide quality content. We don’t just build web and mobile apps. We also deploy them, fix bugs, and administer your servers. The whole nine yards.

So, you’ve made it into Doctor Chepri®’s office. It’s time for your technology services examination. What are a few important new year’s remedies you should be subscribing for your business?


Is your website providing the type of results you desire? Does your website reflect your identity, attracting the type of clients you’re seeking?

Whether you’re building a brand new marketing site or a full-featured Software-as-a-Service product, Chepri® will design, develop, and deploy a website meeting your goals while growing your brand.

Perhaps you desire a design refresh, with updates and enhancements. Let’s face it, because applicable technologies and design trends change so quickly, if your website is over two years old, it’s out of date. Is your site responsive and retina ready? Is your branding current? Are you offering new products and/or services? Has your site kept up with your business goals and user expectations?

Maybe you want your website updated but just aren’t sure what you really need. Chepri® will review your site and make recommendations for improvements, everything from plugin updates to additional features to complete redesigns. We will explain why new website features are necessary and more importantly, what benefits you can expect.

Your online presence is one of your most important assets. Contact us to learn more about website services, and how we can create a healthy, robust site for your business.


Chepri® can help you take control of your content with an open source content management system such as WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal. We can create plugins to extend their functionality or even create a completely custom CMS to precisely meet your needs.

Perhaps you require an online store? We use Magento for customers needing to sell products and services on their website or mobile app, creating easy to use checkout processes and secure payment processing environments.

In case you didn’t know, all content management systems are regularly updated for functionality and security. Does your CMS need to be updated? Do you possess the latest CMS release?

This seems like a very simple thing, but without the latest CMS upgrades you could experience a world of sickness.

As all digital products are constantly evolving, keep in mind no CMS is flawless, and require continuous development. Also, CMS coding errors, bugs and compatibility issues must be fixed and released in the form of updates. And if you don’t install the latest security upgrades, then you’re potentially leaving your outdated CMS open to hacker attacks.

If you have never installed a CMS update, or aren’t sure if you need an update, relieve yourself of a potentially stressful condition and contact Chepri® today. You are not only risking the functionality of your website, but also your online credibility from your customers.


Even if you aren’t a large enterprise able to afford a massive data center and platform, fully functional and efficient cloud servers and web hosting services are available to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mid-sized companies.

Consider switching to cloud storage for commonly accessed and shared documents, like staff schedules, shipment tracking, inventory, or sales contacts. By hosting files on cloud platforms, employees are able to view them on-the-go from mobile devices and home computers, increasing efficiency and saving valuable time, increasing profit margins.

Chepri® offers plenty of cloud server/web hosting packages loaded with amenities that are very affordable. We work with the biggest datacenters and partners to ensure highest uptime and maximum throughput, scalable for the highest traffic demands.


Is your support package healthy? Where do you turn when something goes wrong?

Chepri® provides support packages keeping your projects running for the long term. Our friendly support staff is here to help, but we don’t stop there. We have support packages available for any type of project possessing many different options and pricing.

We also offer web and mobile application maintenance and comprehensive self-service support documentation. Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to deal with broken technology. Start the new year off right, and look into getting or upgrading your support.


As you start the new year, contact Chepri® to assess the health of your current technology services. As your doctor, we’ll inform you what is functioning and what needs therapy.

We’ll take a close look at what you do and how you’re doing it. We’ll help determine the right versions, updates and tools capable of meeting your goals and growing your brand.

Chepri® makes it simple. We’re a one-stop shop, and our in-house experts are there for you every step of the way, providing the technology solutions you need to build a successful business.