Washington Township and Chepri are pleased to announce the launch of Washington Township’s new website.

Washington Township (Dublin, Ohio) teamed up with Chepri to revamp their old site, pictured below.

Washington Township sought to improve the overall organization and appearance of the site. The previous site was relatively unorganized and difficult to navigate. With improvements to the site organization, finding what you need on Washington Township’s new site is a breeze.

The goal for the Washington Township redesign was to not only update the site visually and structurally, but to increase overall user engagement,” explained Chepri design lead, Josh Hibbard. “We started by building the site on a responsive framework to provide users easy access to content from any device. The existing navigation structure was overhauled to help users easily navigate the site and provide a better overall user-experience.”

In addition, the complete redesign of the site allowed Chepri’s team to create an updated, modern design for Washington Township, complete with an online registration system. Washington Township offers a wide array of classes and services, from CPR and first aid training to the Citizen Fire Academy, where residents of the community can experience for themselves what it is like to be a firefighter! On Washington Township’s new website, residents and non-residents can register and pay for these types of classes and events all on the site.

Not only is the site responsive, but it is user-friendly, as well. “By switching the site to a more user-friendly content management system, Washington Township will be able to easily update content and information on the site to help residents find the information they need,” said Hibbard.

Communication manager for Washington Township, Leslie Dybiec, praised the Chepri team. “I’ve been part of three web site redesign projects, the most recent of which was with Chepri. It was by far the most enjoyable experience of all three. Washington Township added features in, and Chepri provided the kind of information, expertise, and support that we needed.”

Chepri’s design team had a great time working together with Washington Township in order to help bring their vision for the new website to life!

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