A growing number of restaurants are adopting self-service kiosks in an effort to optimize the customer experience. However, not all restaurant kiosks are created alike. Your kiosks’ features should be easy-to-use and reflect your restaurant’s “vibe” while also catering to your customers’ preferences. If you are intent on representing your brand with special flows, you might consider custom Olo self-service kiosk development. But what, exactly, makes kiosks easier for customers to use and keeps them coming back?

Customization Options

The top feature that customers like about restaurant kiosks is the ability to customize their orders. It gives them a greater sense of control over their order versus verbally placing an order at the register or with a server. Indeed, customization at kiosks increases order accuracy and, in turn, customer satisfaction. Customers are also more likely to select “add-on items” when customizing their orders via a kiosk, which means increased profits for you.

Images Of Menu Items

Space for pictures of menu items is limited on menu boards and traditional handheld menus. A kiosk provides virtually limitless space for you to include images for every item on your menu, should you so choose. Seeing these pictures helps customers to place their orders with greater confidence – and can even make them more inclined to purchase pricier items.

Kiosks At The Table

If your restaurant has an extensive menu or you offer a large number of customization options, having kiosks at your tables can improve the customer experience. Standing at a kiosk at the front of the restaurant might make them feel rushed and uncomfortable. Using a kiosk at a table allows them to feel that they can take their time and place exactly the order they want. And with the ability to order right there at the tip of their fingers, they might be inclined to order additional items such as drinks and desserts.

The Ability To Order Alcohol

Many customers appreciate the ability to order drinks from kiosks at restaurants that serve alcohol, particularly if there are kiosks at each table. Rather than standing in line at the bar or waiting on their server to return, they can select what they want, when they want it, and be assured that it will arrive at their table shortly. Once you’ve established a way to ensure that your customers are of drinking age, offering the ability to order drinks via your kiosks can help turn new customers into repeat customers.

The Ability To Split The Bill

The ability to split the bill is another one of the most popular features of restaurant kiosks. Though it requires more involved software, the feature can pay off in spades as it offers groups of diners the convenience of placing their entire order at a single kiosk. It saves them time and cuts down on lines because multiple customers can use one kiosk instead of monopolizing multiple kiosks to place separate orders.

Integration Of Reward Programs and Specials

Restaurants that have experienced some of the greatest success with their kiosks are those that integrate their loyalty & reward programs into their systems. Giving customers the ability to easily use your reward program – and access and accumulate rewards – makes kiosks easier and more enticing to use. Kiosks can also be used to show current specials or promotions, which can actually lead to increased sales, such as when using custom Olo loyalty & rewards integrations. For example, a customer might be more likely to order a higher priced item if it comes with, say, a slightly discounted appetizer or dessert.

Making Kiosks Work For You

Are you interested in introducing kiosks at your restaurant or optimizing your existing ones?  A few trusted resources for further investigation include Advanced KiosksEloZivelo, and Lilitab. The experts at Chepri® offer a customer-centric approach to building the best possible applications for your business. We utilize customer feedback when prioritizing the features we build into our mobile and kiosk applications. We are eager to hear about your goals and your customers’ needs so we can help you deliver the best possible dining experience.