Online ordering is the new standard. Up until yesteryear, takeout, delivery or walk-ins may have been the status quo. But today, customers want to be able to process their orders online and get on with their day.

Naturally, restaurants must find ways to meet these demands, especially if they want to remain relevant in the times to come.

But it’s possible you or your customers have had a bad experience with online ordering, which can leave you doubting. It could be that you don’t have the best online ordering system in place. It might be that you’re too reliant on third-party platforms.

Whatever the case, it’s critical that you understand why the demand for online ordering is high.

The Rise Of Mobile

Today, people can search for restaurants, view menu items, place and pay for orders, all from their smartphone, regardless of whether they’re at home, at work or out running errands.

If that wasn’t reason enough for users to embrace online ordering, they can also take advantage of convenient apps like Grubhub or Doordash to process their orders quickly.

Most if not all articles and studies seem to indicate that the rise of mobile has had a huge impact on customer behavior across a variety of industries.

This, of course, has led to the need for restaurants to rework their systems to accommodate these changes. Having a bespoke online ordering system and making the process efficient for customers can be a difference maker for your business.

The Demand For Convenience

The demand for convenience knows no limits. The ability to order online and have food delivered to your door is an expectation, so if you want to maintain and gain ground as a restaurant, you must offer online ordering.

Some businesses even report tripling their sales in their first day of making online ordering available. It’s clear that this is where the money is made.

From a restaurant’s perspective, it’s crucial to be thinking about what orders to make available online, the cooking process, as well as what ingredients to use. Online ordering is convenient for its users, but not always convenient for the restaurant or chef, which indicates the importance of a strategic approach.

Depending on delivery times, some foods just aren’t going to be as good as others, and that’s a key factor.

Convenience also extends into the ability to pay with a credit card online, ease of communicating the details of the order and more.

Discounts & Loyalty Rewards

People love ordering the same meals from the same restaurants, especially if they feel like they’ve found a “hidden gem”.

What’s going to keep them coming back is a solid loyalty and rewards program that appeals specifically to your target customer base.

If they can get free delivery and sides, discounts on meals, and other rewards and benefits, they’re far more likely to become a long-term customer and even become a walk-in customer down the line.

Ordering online is a fast and simple way for your customers to collect rewards points, especially if they order often. This is a great way to incentivize your users.

Final Thoughts

Let’s not forget – when it comes to online ordering, technology is always involved. How is your online ordering system working?

Does it integrate with third-party vendors? Does your interface feature custom branding, a unique and customized user experience, and an efficient checkout process?

Can your customers collect and claim rewards with every order they make? Are you able to customize upsells to make more on every order that’s placed?

If you answered “no”, or you’re not quite sure what system you have in place right now, it’s time to consider getting a custom system set up. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Online Ordering for Restaurants page.