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All-in-one, cutting-edge technology to execute your ideas and turn them into a reality. From Enterprise Mobility to Augmented Reality,Chepri is a web design and mobile development company that focuses on making any business application run successfully.

Technology Designed Around You

Web Design Columbus OhioFounded in 2008, Chepri is located in Columbus, Ohio. Our web design and mobile app development group includes seasoned project managers, business analysts, recognized designers, accomplished developers, copywriters and search engine marketing professionals working to provide you with the very best web and mobile experience.

Our design team is comprised of highly skilled web and mobile developers, graphic designers, and strategists. We supply each project with a clean and conceptualized design of unsurpassed quality focusing on user experience (UX), providing a unique visual presence for your project. Our product and support team are experts in everything from your favorite content management systems, like WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal, to e-commerce systems like Magento, and core services like web hosting, and email.

Our highly experienced web and mobile development team consists of programmers, coders, front and back end designers, testers, support and deployment specialists using innovative technologies, ensuring each website or application is of the best quality, and also the most up-to-date.

How We’re Different

We stand by our quality and service — focusing on the end-user — beginning with us, your technology provider. How is Chepri different? Since 2008, we have maintained our mandate: We exceed expectations, every single time, on every single project. This is how we roll.

How do we do this? As your technology partner, we guarantee our work, and we communicate with you during the entire project; we will not outsource your job, and we stand by our customer service. We provide all the solutions you need to build successful products and services that support your organizational goals, and then some.

Another way we deliver results is through our transparent management process, allowing customers easy access to our team throughout every project. Communication is key along with client input, inevitably making customers happier, and products and services better.

In addition, we plan your project according to your needs. Combined with an Agile process and Scrum methodologies, we build a solid foundation for your web or mobile project from strategy to design to development to deployment, involving you in every pertinent procedure.

Exceeding expectations, every single time, on every single project.

Our Mission

Our mission is to execute your vision for your project. Our planning process is always custom tailored to your strategic web and mobile app needs. Combined with an Agile process and Scrum methodologies, we build a solid foundation for your web or mobile project from strategy to design to programming. We will incorporate your concepts into the project scope, development, stabilization, and deployment, involving you in every pertinent procedure.

Our services reach far beyond design and development — we always work closely with you in order to better understand your goals, delivering high-value process and technology consulting perfectly adapted for your business.

Ultimately, our goal when planning and developing your project is to deliver an end product satisfying your needs. In order to achieve this goal, client input helps determine how the product is designed to fit the needs of the customer and end users.

One of our guiding principles is allowing customers easy access to our team throughout every project. Communication is key along with client input. Our transparent management process inevitably makes customers happier, and products and services better.

Chepri’s team is comprised of professionals possessing a strategy-based design approach, and a solid grounding in best-practice web and mobile app development. Our team is also trained to make protocols clear and comprehensible to clients. Our in-house experts are available for you every step of the way, whether you need a technology partner to provide full support from A to Z or just an advisor to help with your existing staff.

How We Excel

Whether you’re building a marketing site or a full-featured software-as-a-service product, our in-house team will design, develop, and deploy a website for you meeting your strategic goals while growing and maintaining your brand.We can help you take control of your website collateral with an open source content management system customized to meet your specific needs. You are able to update your site’s content directly rather than having to go through another company to do it, saving you both time and money.

At Chepri, we use web development programming languages best suited to the product, and tailored to fit your unique business requirements and strategies. We use open source frameworks and technologies that reduce development time, provides a low cost solutions to our customers, all while delivering massive results for our clients.

We can incorporate e-commerce so you may sell products and services on your website or mobile app. Your customers will appreciate our easy checkout and secure payment processing environments. Not only will your company benefit from a larger sales volume, you will have a website that is easy to manage and administer.

From concept to consumer, we stand by our quality and service. From start-ups to corporations, our customers are what matter, and we focus on growing companies and brands.

Results-Oriented Design

We begin every web design and mobile development project, centered around the client’s end goals. We are in the business of utilizing technology to help our clients gain the real world results they are looking to achieve. From growing an enterprises customer base to helping a charity or non-profit streamline their operations, we have the expertise to make your goals a reality.

Making a design that looks great is the first step, but we go far beyond that. We fit our design process and our ultimate execution around your time frame, your budget and your goals. This result-driven approach has proven over time to be the deciding factor in our clients’ continued success.

Chepri helps small business owners by offering a large array of of required web solutions and services, all completed under one roof by our staff of experts. We are a one-stop shop. Other companies will sub-contract your work to third parties, for a lessor rate, where the quality of work goes down. With us, you’ll actually speak to the person doing the work and we’ll even bring you in on the process, so you know your project will get the attention it deserves.

Whether you’re building a marketing site or a full-featured software-as-a-service product, our in-house team will design, develop, and deploy a website for you meeting your strategic goals while growing and maintaining your brand.

Strategic Execution

A complete team: This is what Chepri brings to the table when creating the websites and mobile apps that drive business success, helping small to enterprise level companies achieve their objectives.

We provide all the resources needed to build successful products and services, supporting all your organizational goals, creating complete technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We structure our processes and resources toward successful implementation. We plan according to your needs, communicating with you throughout your project, building a solid foundation from strategy to design, to development to deployment.

We offer flexible processes that work for you and not against you. For example, using Agile, your project can progress from conception to prototype in just a few weeks, receiving upgrades to both functionality and appearance throughout its life. We also offer Waterfall, a traditional process starting with thorough planning of the entire project, ending with a completed product; Fixed Bid, which is perfect for those companies who know their budget and timeline, and Hourly. Let’s face it, many software upgrades and technical support issues only take hours, and we’re available to help as long as you need us, even when it isn’t very long. We can offer you the best process to get the job done.

Chepri offers technology solutions for all industries, from startup to corporate, from small to enterprise level businesses, trust us to improve your presence, increase lead generation and convert new visitors to your site or app into customers. All the needed tools are found with us.

Enterprise Solutions

Designing technology for an enterprise starts with goals of the project, in real world terms.

Whatever the goal, whatever the project, we have the enterprise experience and expertise to make your project a success, in record time and under budget. We have worked with enterprises both big and small, from name-brand companies to small regional firms looking to expand their digital footprint.

Regardless of size, one thing every enterprise level operation wants is quantifiable results and workflow transparency, and these are the bedrock of our operations.

We begin with strategy. Our team of engineers have literal decades of experience in everything from market research to multivariate testing and other technologies you may have never heard of, but that can make a huge difference in the overall success of your next project.


Municipalities have their own unique set of requirements when they are looking for a solution that will connect them with their constituents.

Meeting the requirements of “Sunshine Laws” and other 508 regulations is just the beginning. We can provide solutions that not only well help you connect and engage with your citizens, but will also facilitate and streamline class and permit registrations, classes and scheduling.

We have worked with municipalities in the past to re-engineer their current web presence as well as custom taylor new initiatives from scratch.

Just as no city or town is the same, we know and understand that each municipality has it’s own unique set of goals and requirements and we have the experience and expertise to add the wow factor that will impress your residents.

Besides, the successful completion of your next web project, we can also help you get in front of more of your citizens across the web using a combination of search engine marketing and social media.


E-commerce website design, by its nature is a data driven undertaking. No matter what product or service you want to sell, there is an exact methodology and approach that will fit your market and niche. We have helped many entrepreneurs sell their ideas, products and services via the web over for close to a decade.

We have found that proper research and data analysis is paramount to e-commerce success. This means rigorous marketplace supply-and-demand research as well as using data to sell even more.

We can also use pre-launch research to give your project the very best chance of success from the get go, as well as custom design your product or service around market demand that you may not be aware of.

From an aesthetic point of view, we pride ourselves on developing the most eye-catching designs that will properly showcase your products in a way practically makes the user feel compelled to hit the “buy now” button.

We also make sure to use the most modern and flexible of applications to decrease your time-to-launch.

Start Ups

Building a website for a start up is always an exciting experience. Fresh ideas from the minds of entrepreneurs, dreamers and risk takers are the backbone of our country and we are proud of all of the many start ups we have had the good fortune to have worked with and help launch.

When choosing a web designer for your start up, it’s important that you choose one who has the strategic planning capabilities to test different layouts and configurations to come up with the one that will convert more of your traffic into paying customers.

With a low barrier to entry, there are more web-based start-ups than ever before, and no matter what your industry is, the competition is fierce. This is why we recommend a strategy session before spending a penny on any start up web design. We can analyze your the search volume for your products and services and research your competition to show you exactly how your soon-to-be competitors are using the web to market their brands.

This is how Chepri brings a unique and competitive advantage over other web design companies. We use data and testing to give your start-up’s web design the very best chance of long term success after your initial launch.

Facilities Management

Creating a web presence for the purpose of facilities management is one of the distinct practices that the Chepri team specializes in. More than simply provide “facilities management” capabilities, we aim to provide an architecture and an interface that will make your and your end users life easier.

Our web based facilities management application will allow you to organize enrollment, scheduling, booking, and even reservations and payment processing if applicable. This system can be used for parks and other facilities both in the public and private sectors.

The advantages of our web-based approach to facilities management software will allows for use on any device, mobile or desktop, with frequent updates and minimal training involved. You will be able to manage every aspect of your facilities and have complete access to all of your data in real time, anywhere you go, with 100% mobile compatibility.

Our state of the art facilities management software can help manage camps, programs, facilities, cash reconciliation, credit card processing and registrations (on-line, in-person, call-in). It connects organizations to their communities by offering on-line payment and registration. We combine public and administrative interfaces with complete, efficient functionality.

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Columbus Web Design

Back-End Web Development & Front-End Design

We work with PHP, Ruby on Rails, and other Open Source Frameworks. Either by writing code from scratch or for an existing project, we’ll fix any bug, write new code or design new features. Is your web app a launch – or is it a bomb?

Web Apps

Ruby on Rails DevelopersChepri can code a custom tailored web application for your company or start-up using PHP or Ruby. Whether it’s a software-as-a-service (SAAS) web application, custom extensions to your favorite website or framework, our developers have the experience to introduce your product to the market or the enterprise.


Columbus WordPress DevelopersWebsites, web design, graphic design, illustration, typography are as important as 50% of your brand’s legitimacy online. Chepri’s design team work very close to our development team to produce a mock-ups, wireframes, and prototypes that line-up to what your user’s expect.


OctocatUser-interfaces and user-experience is incredibly important to the success of your application, Chepri utilize best-practice to ensure your branding and final designs get implemented on the finished product. Our front-end developers are familiar with JQuery, JavaScript, and AJAX.

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Beautifully Designed, Native Mobile Apps

From tablets to smartphones, Chepri develop iOS®, Android®, Windows®, HTML5 and Blackberry® mobile applications. Powerful Mobile Development, creating apps to either increase revenue or productivity, Chepri can make it happen.


iOS App DevelopmentConnect your customers with native iOS mobile applications for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod®. Chepri started developing mobile apps in 2008 for all types of companies. Let us help you navigate Apple’s app review and submission process.


Android DevelopmentAndroid mobile devices take up the lion-share of mobile users. So, whether it’s Android’s native look or a completely updated GUI, Chepri can design and develop what users want in order to help you succeed.


Columbus HTML5 DevelopersHTML5 applications offer cross-platform compatibility and the best user-experience and user interface for content, productivity, media and socially driven applications with a faster entrance into multiple markets.

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