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Chepri® is a web and mobile app development company that develops custom apps for any display, platform, browser or device. From mobile design to cloud server management, we leverage technology to create custom solutions for every business spanning any industry.

Great App Ideas

Thinking outside of the box.

Producing award-winning apps starts with great ideas — but there’s more to it than that. Behind each app we develop is a great Chepri® strategy. Let’s formulate a plan and then build software that innovates.  Find out more about Chepri® services and how we can help your organization.

An app development company with over 10 years of experience.

Chepri brings omni-channel, industry-specific app development experience to every client we serve. We like to say, “we turn our customers into partners,” by producing apps that keep on winning across every device, hardware platform, browser or display. With a focus on usability, agility and rapid application processes, we’re an app development company that can produce a web or mobile app that not only your company will like, but your end-users as well.


From tablets to smartphones, Chepri® develops native and hybrid iOS®, Android®, and Windows®, phone applications.


Digital displays, multi-touch free-standing kiosks and TV specific applications. Chepri can help find the right solution.


Tablet-specific applications have specific use-cases. We develop the right native or hybrid software to get the job done.


We can program apps to speak to home appliances, bluetooth and near-field hardware as well as your game console, like Xbox.

desktop & Web

Focus on your brand with websites & web applications for any modern browser and desktop apps.


Watches, glasses, VR and any combination of wearable technology. We build the apps that drive these devices.

We’re app coders and designers.

From app store to desktop, Chepri® develops successful, best-in-class applications by an experienced in-house team of full-stack web and mobile engineers. Combining both right-brained and left-brained personalities under one roof produces the best products.  Find out why Chepri uses the right combination of designers and developers for each and every project to produce award winning apps for our clients.

web and mobile development company

And a custom web and mobile WEBSITE development company.

As a mobile website design company with ten years experience working with clients like you, we’ve designed and developed successful apps for some great brands.  These organizations thrive with high powered mobile websites — custom developed for their processes, users and employees.  We design some really cool websites for mobile displays.

As an seasoned app development company, Chepri® provides superior web design and development skill sets. Our teams work together to build and deploy apps that work across any platform. From front-end development and user-experience to web application development with complicated algorithms, our technology solutions will take your organization to the next level.

Learn how the Cookie Finder App helped to drastically improve cookie sales for Girl Scouts of the USA by building iOS and Android mobile applications.

Piada came to Chepri® for a complete rebuild of their front-end web application, which eventually became integrated with a combination of online ordering, loyalty, mobile payments and rewards.

Learn how we helped Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks improve their park website and back-end web-based reservation and accounting system.

What our customers are saying.

“…Their professionalism, communications, speed and creativity made the whole process flawless. I would recommend their services to anyone. Thanks again”

Jerry Mignogna, Graffiti Caps

“Chepri did such a good job that when it came time to develop our second app… I didn’t think twice about who to call. I would highly recommend Chepri.”

Todd Duplain CEO, Character Counts

“Chepri is simply amazing. They are one part tech savant and one part wizard, because some of the stuff they do is magic. I could not be happier with the team.”

Tony Wible CEO, Game Mercenaries

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